Sunday, March 11, 2012


A kiss
is not
a word.

It has

It has

It signifies
for each

for each

A kiss
is an

Friday, April 16, 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010


"All I'm saying. What I'm saying is... It never seems like anyone says anything that matters to them. We all look at each other and nod with these responses that we've been trained to make. Responses, not real responses. Fake Smiles. Surface Bullshit. Sarcasm, always fucking sarcasm" -movie quote from Traffic.

DO WE EVER SAY what we really think?

If you can't say, then sing.
If you can't sing, then paint.
If you can't paint, then cry.
Living scared, you die.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Rules

be classy
never mean spirited
be friendly
be smart
have substance

These simple rules for advertisements really should be rules for life.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Impressions

don't mean anything.
But they are everything
in the Ad world.
In the real world,
you are you.
And no matter
how you try to act
or to impress,
the real you shines through
for better or worse.
In the Ad world,
you have one shot.
That's it. One to grab
peoples' attention and
make them love you.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Art and Advertising

Is advertising art?

My brain says heart says no...but my heart wants yes

My art education has led me to believe that Art is the most moral thing in the world. To include advertising in my definition of Art would seemingly taint the pure image of what I love most. But to decide advertising isn't art means that I am what I fear...

Here are some beautiful advertisements. I decided that naked (without their logos and tag lines), they are definitely art.

agency: DDB Sao Paulo, Brazil

This print advertisement beautifully captures the tragic drama of breaking something fragile or sentimental. The art directors: Rodrigo Bombana, Pedro Izique, and Guilherme Nobrega choose the strongest frame possible with the object perfectly in the middle of shattering. By capturing the top half of the figure intact and the bottom in pieces, the photographer creates a dramatic visual. The overall composition and colors are stunning. And the porcelain figure carrying and dropping something as fragile as himself adds irony, humor, depth, and more drama to the ad. The logo and product are cleverly arranged at the bottom of the page to represent a rewind button. Overall the concept, being able to rewind to fix a clumsy blunder, is reassuring and memorable for an audience.

agency: Fallon, London

This is what inspired me to apply to the adverting school. Like no other is not just a commercial selling a TV-- it is an emotional celebration of color and it is art. Releasing two hundred and fifty thousand balls on the steep streets of San Francisco is product of human creativity. And executing the film with such aesthetic expression took high technique and skill. It is about beauty rather than utility. Every frame follows perfectly with the music. But I have two favorites. One is the shot of the balls seeping through the small space between the slightly open garage door and the floor. This visual stands out because the bright balls contrast the dark space and the composition of the crack of light and the cropped bicycle is gorgeous. My other favorite frame is one where balls and a frog come out of the shows how the balls and colors really are everywhere. The entire clip is so magical and childish, that an audience can't help but feel happiness.

The slow motion explosion of inanimate objects is gorgeous and harmless. But shooting a person is not. The viewers instantly understand and feel emotion.

agency: Mother, New York

I love this music with the sight of destruction. And the simple white and silver color scheme is stunning.

Advertising is art-- when it evokes emotion.